Elements is the newest and upcoming edition of the HIP Hotels collection.

Combining nature’s elements in perfect harmony, Elements consists of five chapters divided into Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Soul categories. These have been determined by the distinctive characteristics that emanate from the hotel’s surroundings, materials, design and overall ambiance of the property.


There are five different covers, one for every element.

Water - the hotels in this category are those whose atmospheres are complemented by the calming ebb and flow of water.

Fire - the urban and city hotels forge this energetic and passionate energy of Fire.

Earth - here there are the properties that sow the gifts of nature and seek to direct all processes back into solidifying the well-being of the Earth.

Air - the hotels in this category encourage visitors to escape to the mountain peaks or take a moment’s peace atop an elevated terrace, where inhaling and exhaling becomes entirely effortless and undisturbed.

Soul - Soul seeks to encapsulate the entirety of the elements in perfect harmony with the reconnection of the soul to the natural environment.

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Art Director
HIP Hotels
February 2020
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